EPSB Materials

The EPSB MATERIALS webpage provides UK’s Educator Preparation Program Managers with access to documents and informational materials which will be helpful to build and maintain programs that are in compliance with EPSB program submission guidelines, templates, and program approval procedures.

The EPSB is engaged in the development of a web-based system to document educator preparation programs (EPP’s) and to assist institutions in managing these programs. The templates referenced in the folders below are a paper-based interim measure which will be used prior to the implementation of the web-based system.

The webpage also includes documents that are not strictly speaking EPSB materials. This is because the function of the page is to assist UK program submission managers in navigating the process of building, maintaining and developing educator preparation programs (EPP’s). At UK, the development and maintenance of educator preparation programs includes UK Unit Programs website. Folder 4, the New Master Docs and Matrices folder contains the blank UK Master Documents and Annual Reporting Matrices that are used to support UK’s Unit Programs web pages.

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