KDE Materials

The KDE MATERIALS webpage provides UK’s Educator Preparation Program Managers with access to documents and informational materials which will be helpful to build and maintain programs that are in compliance with EPSB program submission guidelines, templates, and program approval procedures. In particular, the EPSB program review process requires that all candidates be knowledgeable of Kentucky P12 Curriculum Requirements and requirements of Senate Bill-1, often referred to as “Unbridled

“Unbridled Learning is the name given to the new era in public education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky – designed to ensure every child reaches his/her learning potential and graduates from high school ready for college and career.
Senate Bill 1, passed in the 2009 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, set the course for Unbridled Learning in the state.
The legislation addresses many areas – what students should learn, what will be tested, how subjects will be tested, when tests are given, what should comprise the public school accountability system and more.”

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