InTASC Materials

The InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards have been adopted by both CAEP and the EPSB as the standards which should guide the development and maintenance of educator preparation programs (EPP’s).

In Kentucky, as part of the Kentucky Education Reform movement (starting in 1990), the Education Professional Standards Board developed the Kentucky Teacher Standards. The Kentucky Teacher Standards have been a part of all EPSB program approval guidelines and procedures until 2016, when the EPSB moved to replace the Kentucky Teacher Standards with the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. Starting in 2017 educator preparation program managers will be transitioning their programs to be based on the InTASC teacher standards rather than the Kentucky Teacher Standards.

The InTASC MATERIALS webpage provides UK’s Educator Preparation Program Managers with access to the InTASC documents and informational materials which will be helpful to build and maintain programs that are in compliance with EPSB program submission guidelines, templates, and program approval procedures.

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